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I have worked with Russ since opening the doors to Altitude-Recruitment just over a year ago. I have found him to be helpful and informative, through my whole journey so far. He is a genius at what he does!
Russ has made such a difference, I would be lost without him…

Sarah Coppock, Managing Director - Altitude Recruitment

“Very professional, high quality production. It communicates very effectively to our whole school community.” 

Nick Christou, Headteacher & National Leader of Education

That looks superb!

Why didn’t we get you to do this two years ago?

Ellis, VisionAid International

Thanks again Paul, to you and your team for supplying yet another outstanding video production in such a short time frame

Dorian Tompkins, 2112 Marketing

Thanks for doing a great job on the films, Nick.

There was a lot involved, but you made it sound great.

They were all fantastic.

Dave L'Anson, BBC

Volvo have asked for all the Gothenburg videos to be put onto one disc so they can look at ways of editing them for the future.

They think that the Volvo Gothenburg videos are all brilliant!

Gary, Marketing City

Love it Russell….exactly what I was hoping for in style, music and graphics. You’ve nailed it!

Andrew Smart, MD - Virtual Sales Team